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Real brass medal

Real brass medal

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Shape of the medal
Engraving font

Handcrafted real brass medal including the spiral ring to attach it to the collar.

Front engraving max 10 characters

Engraving on the back of only 1 telephone number (if 2 numbers are indicated in the notes, only the first will be taken.

3 fonts available (font 1 all uppercase)

2 shapes available

3 sizes per shape available

Brass is a metal alloy that I love because in addition to having a beautiful color reminiscent of gold, it has intrinsic characteristics that make it very appreciable; for example, it does not deteriorate over time and does not become reddish like many common "costume jewellery". Like all metals, brass also tends to oxidize, so a darker patina called oxidation can form on its surface. We decided not to apply any galvanization, that is, they do not have any surface layer of other materials, which would make them more shiny and shiny but which in my humble opinion would ruin the rustic effect that I love, furthermore these often applied layers can cause allergic reactions because they generally contain nickel.

Production time approximately 10 days.

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