Razzamorepuro is a craftsman who manually works vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather to create leashes, collars, bracelets and much more. The fruit of our work is truly handmade in Italy with the highest quality Italian products. We carefully choose our leather and our small parts from excellent national companies. The leather we use is defined as "vegetable" because the substances used in tanning (the so-called tanning agents) are tannins, natural extracts deriving exclusively from vegetable sources such as chestnut and quebracho wood, gall nuts and tara pods .


our passion was born in 2016 from the love for our four-legged friends. In 2022, after years of virtual correspondence with our customers, we decided to open our first artisan workshop open to the public in the heart of Padua, 20 meters from the Duomo.

It was born from our personal need... we wanted to have the best leashes and collars ever for our dogs. From this need began the search for the best leather, the right technique and the best materials to work with it.

We were able to admire the men and women of the professions of the past, the artisans' workshops (the real ones) and since we were children we had it clear in our heads that one day we too would have to learn a trade!

We have invested time and energy, but over the years there have been many progresses and satisfactions.

Our small laboratory is located in Padua in via Arco Valaresso 6.

What makes us unique?

The passion for this work and the love for our four-legged friends

We purchase leather in Tuscany, in some of the last historic companies of the legendary vegetable tanning.

In recent years we have been absorbed in a constant search for improvement and perfection... a feeling that is still alive today.

The fruit of our work is truly handmade in Italy with the highest quality products.

Our ideal customer is a conscious customer, attentive to detail but also in love with the handmade product which, unlike the industrial product mass-produced by machinery, thrives on imperfections!